Terms and Conditions

The following is our terms and conditions for each service we offer:

Music Submissions:

Any artist or producer may send us singles as MP3s to any section made available on the website.  By doing this, you are giving KA Radio permission to play your music to our audience.  You are also agreeing that KA Radio may play your music submission with requirement to be compensated now or at any point in the future.  There is no time limit implied where KA Radio's permission expires.

Radio Player:

The use of the radio player is through a third party service provider.  Which third party will depend on which method you choose to listen to our station.

Text to Win Competition:

To enter our text to win prize competitions, you must be over the age of 18, have a home postcode beginning KA, and you must also have the bill payer's permission.  The cost to enter is free, however your phone service provider may charge a standard network rate depending on your contract with them.  Each competition will have advertised opening and closing times.  If you text before or after the advertised times then your text will not be entered into the prize draw, but your network provider may still charge you.  Each winner will be announced in line with details in the competition advert.  By texting you are agreeing to receive marketing from both KA Radio and that your number can be passed on to the competition sponsor for marketing purposes.  You can opt out of receiving marketing by texting "STOP" at the end of the text message sent to the same number with the same entry key word used to enter the competition.

Social Media Shout Outs:

Shout Outs contracts are negotiated on an individual basis, however due to the use of third party software and networks, we cannot be held liable for their failings.  Shout Outs will be scheduled in line with the contracts subject to cleared payment by direct debit.

Radio Played Adverts:

Our standard package Radio adverts are slotted into random slots 24 hours of the day.  They are played in an order picked by the same automated software used to select the playlist outwith syndicated shows.  The targeted adverts will go out during their allotted time slot.  In the very rare occasion where this does not happen, the customer account holder will be contacted and the cost of that specific time slot will be added as a credit to their account towards the next advertising campaign.  KA Radio will not be liable for any lost income from any missed advert plays.

Third Party Syndicate Shows:

Some shows on KA Radio are provided by third party services.  KA Radio are not liable for the content they provide.  Any complaints will be forwarded on to the service provider.